Network Infrastructure



The most common type of switch in use for computer networks is the Ethernet switch and provides network connectivity between network hosts such as servers, computers, printers, and more.  Some Ethernet switches can also provide power to network devices such as VOIP phones and wireless access points.  Most Ethernet switches in use by small businesses typically operate at speeds of 100Mbps or 1Gbps which is 10x faster.  A faster switch can result in better network performance.  Ask us if your network can benefit by replacing you’re current switch.


Web Filter


A web filter can be implemented as part of a holistic approach to network security or as an individual component.  Similar to a firewall a Web Filter monitors Internet traffic and allows or denies connections to web sites based on configured rules but a web filter can make decisions based on individual web sites or specific content.  Although many firewalls can perform web filtering they are typically not as robust as a dedicated hardware solution and may reduce Internet speeds if not properly sized.  Let us review your needs and help determine which filter is right for you.


Email Spam Filter


Email spam at the very least a nuisance which reduces user productivity but can also contain malicious threats that can compromise your network security.   Email spam filters can be in the form of software, hardware, or as a cloud based service.  In extreme cases you may need a combination of cloud and either a hardware or software solution to meet the demand.  Let us know if you re receiving too much spam email.